Meet The Author

John Jardine (J.E. Jardine) has worn many hats and many cloaks in a life filled with change and challenge. His day job engages him in an environment where he works with those who have experienced cognition loss from age, disease, or accident. He is a former bicycle racer and continues to ride casually. Most of the time he lives in Seattle with his spouse and youngest son, and to be close to his adult children and grandchildren. He spends as much time on Kauai as he can get away with.

He is a long time creator of unpublished poetry who, with The Keeper of the Stone, makes the transition from the tight phrasing of poetry to painting on a larger canvas. As with poetry, the reader should find joy and wonder here. As with a novel, a reader should find themselves irrevocably intrigued by the end of the prologue and captivated upon completion of the first chapter.