The Keeper of the Stone

The Keeper of the StoneThe Keeper of the Stone is a thrilling work of fantasy, suspense, mystery, and adventure. Travel along as a young Seattle newspaper journalist finds himself on the adventure of a lifetime, safeguarding a stone with mystical properties, defending himself from evil-doers who are intent on having the stone for themselves, and — on the enchanting island of Kauai — puzzling over the mystery of the stone. The story of Alan’s adventures is infused with strong but flawed characters – from Alan himself and his partner Stella, the mysterious gypsy Gracie, Linda the bartender, and Erica the blonde surfer on Kauai. Insights into the meaning of life come from Charlie, the unforgettable hunter of boars in the interior of Kauai, and from a honu that appears mysteriously from the sea.

From one exciting and suspenseful scene to the next, Alan is faced with a series of physical and spiritual challenges which test and shape his character. In the midst of perplexing adventures he undergoes profound personal changes. He develops emotional skills and the beginnings of spiritual understanding. In the process he begins a journey in which he atones for his short-sighted view of the world, a journey which will be for naught if he is unable to survive the physical challenges he encounters.

Experience the adventure! Observe and shudder as the patina of Alan’s life is stripped away until only the naked animal remains to reveal the universal human soul.

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